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ION Translations, LLC is an important resource for litigation and transactional attorneys and those engaged in intellectual property prosecution. We offer significant value to our clients through our ability to handle complex, large-scale litigation support services on short notice. A few examples of actual recent projects:

  • Translation of over 400,000 words of camera software specification and technical documents from Japanese into English
  • On-site review of 30,000 pages of foreign-language documents relating to flash memory devices and translation of documents totaling 100,000 English words
  • 150,000-word translation of technical and legal documentation relating to integrated-chip design from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French and Dutch to English

In litigation-related certified translations, we understand that accuracy and clarity are no less critical than speed and flexibility. ION's translation management system helps to guarantee that all of our legal document translations meet the highest standards of quality. We cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with all the translators in our network, so we know their specific areas of technical expertise and we can vouch individually for the excellence of their work. Our painstaking selection of the most highly qualified and experienced patent, contract, and other legal translators, in addition to our strict standards for editing and proofreading every translation, help to enforce the highest levels of technical and stylistic accuracy before the translation is submitted to the client.

We specialize in the translation of:

  • Contracts and licenses
  • Discovery documents
  • Petitions, claims and pleadings
  • Settlement agreements (and the many drafts that may be required)
  • Patents and office actions
  • Patents for PCT filings
  • Foreign specifications for USPTO
  • Journal articles

We also provide:

  • Certified translations
  • Litigation support/database services
  • On-site or remote document identification and indexing
  • Interpreters for depositions, conferences and mediations
  • Foreign patent retrieval
We provide no-obligation estimates for all of our services. Please call to discuss your needs with one of our experienced project managers or submit your request via e-mail.

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