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Our commitment to quality is rooted in our process. Our team of experienced project managers will work with you to understand your project requirements and delivery needs. We will analyze your documents and create and manage glossaries or templates as necessary to streamline the translation process. We will select subject-qualified translators from our extensive linguist database and assemble a team of translators and editors with the specific expertise required to handle your project. When the translation is finished, an editor will check the accuracy of the translation against the original text, and a separate proofreader will make sure the translation has the appropriate tone and flow in the target language. On request, we will provide a certification of the accuracy and completeness of the translation at no extra cost.

The lON industry-specific focus: getting the right translator for the job

We understand that different fields and industries impose their own unique requirements on the translation process. The test of a competent translator goes well beyond linguistic proficiency in the language pair at issue. A particular Spanish-to-English translator who crafts superb translations of medical research journal articles will not necessarily be the one to contact about a Spanish-to-English translation of angiography reports from a hospital in Buenos Aires. Our network includes translators with specialized areas of subject expertise within the general fields of medicine, law, and business. One translator may specialize in petroleum engineering patents, while another may focus on pharmaceutical SOPs, contracts, or financial reports. Part of the value that we provide our clients is a deep and thorough understanding, based on experience gathered over many years through long-term relationships, of the specific strengths and areas of expertise of all our translators.

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ION’s additional services

In addition to translation services, we offer several other kinds of linguistic support to our clients. These include:

  • On-site document review
  • Interpreting services for meetings, conferences, depositions
  • Software and Website localization
  • Foreign and U.S. patent retrieval
  • Foreign language typesetting and desktop publishing
  • Foreign language editing
We provide no-obligation estimates for all of our services. Please call to discuss your needs with one of our experienced project managers or submit your request via e-mail.

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